Bicurios or Just Bi

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Bicurios or Just Bi

One day, Jack went to his friend Mike's house to hang out. He thought they were going to play basketball or video games but he was in for a . They sat on the couch bored so Mike real forced anal against her will pulls out the laptop and goes to a porn website. They were both interested in it. They clocked on a by accident.

They watched at what the were doing and to their surprise, they got horny. Mike turned to Jack and said "Want to try?" with a smirk xnxxv sunny leone video on his face. Jack hesitated but agreed. As they started kissing, Jack felt Mike getting hard. This made Jack get hard too. Mike started running his fingers on Jacks .

Jack was aroused so he unzipped Mike's pants and began stroking his penis while they were making out. Mike did it to Jack in return. They both got very horny. Jack wanted more excitement so he starting giving Mike a blow job. As he started sucking his cock, Mike started moaning and that made Jack do it better and better.

Mike brought Jack up and he lied down on the couch. Mike got on top of him with his head on the other side and they started to 69. It was the most fun they ever had. Jack got tired of sucking so he began jacking him off very fast. Mike came and Jack licked all of it and swallowed it but Jack didn't cum yet. Jack then sat up and Mike got on his knees and started sucking Jack's dick nice and easy.

 Jack let out a load in Mike's mouth and when they were done they continued on with the day. They still wonder if they were bi, gay, or straight but they still have "fun" once in a while with each other.