Citizens of the world Unite

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Citizens of the world Unite

’Would you and your lovely lady like to fuck with us?’ the man on the next chaise asked my husband amiably.

My eyes were closed at the time, but by the time the F word was out, they were wide open. We were on our honeymoon, and we had chosen this adult only resort because we really didn’t want screaming kids sharing our paradise. It had a certain reputation that it was a place a guy could take his secretary and no questions would be asked, but this was a question at least I was unprepared for. My husband laughed and explained that we were on our honeymoon, thinking that would be all that was needed.

’Fantastic, so are we. We have been married two weeks now, and two days. We love it here, everyone is so free and friendly.’ The man had sat up, and his enthusiasm seemed genuine. I had closed my eyes again, hoping to stay out of the conversation. I could feel my ears burning, and I wished I could cover my breasts, which couldn’t help but add fire to the man’s ardour. My husband said we had been married only two days, hoping the newness might put him off, but he countered by saying they had fucked on their third day, and loved it. He was a European, maybe Belgian by his precise diction, and he was a very nice looking man. At least I thought so until he asked the question. He was probably almost forty, double what I was, but he was lean and fit, and I wondered at first if he was nobility or some other form of idle rich. Maybe even a movie star.

Paul didn’t want to offend the man. We both knew our mid-west attitudes were not those of the world, and I think Paul was pleased that the man liked what he saw in me. But even if he was willing to share me, he knew that I wouldn’t go along with it. ’Can you give us a few more days by ourselves?, he begged, ’We really hadn’t planned on doing anything with anybody else.’

The man accepted this graciously, and he was so nice that I actually opened my eyes and smiled at him as he made his goodbye to go meet his wife who was just getting off the golf course. We watched him walk away, and look at each other, and broke down laughing. ’Do you think we will ever be able to tell anybody about this?’ I choked out, ’If someone else told you, would you believe it?’
’I felt a bit pushy saying no for you. He was a good looking man. I shouldn’t start our marriage by dominating you, should I? Maybe he might give you a good time.’Paul had my knuckles in his ribs even as he said this and we had another nervous laugh.

’They fucked around on the third day of their honeymoon? I can only guess they had been fucking a long time before they got married.’ I stopped talking at that, remembering Paul and I had been fucking quite a while too. But we weren’t bored, and variety wasn’t what brought us here. We chuckled again and went back to sun worship.

As we walked back to the hotel, me with a cover back on, we were approached by a beautiful young /asian/asian-lady/">asian lady who peered closely into our faces, then passed on. We exchanged another glance, wondering if the day could hold another shock for us. We showered and dressed for dinner, then stripped again and fucked, then dressed yet again for dinner. This time we made it to our table and were enjoying a very nice steak when I noticed the Asian lady watching us from across the dining room. She was dressed to kill, and was really a knockout in white silk. I thought if money were personified she could well be it.
Paul hadn’t noticed her, and I didn’t draw his attention. Actually, she was gone when we finished, and I half forgot her as we talked about what we should do in the next hour or so. Then she was there, smiling brightly.

’I’m so sorry I didn’t speak earlier. I wasn’t sure if it was you. Andre said you had a little rose tattoo on your breast and I couldn’t see it under your wrap. I’m so glad it is you, you’re so nice looking. Andre tells me we are going to fuck you in a couple days. I’m so glad. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together. You especially will really love Andre. He is very virile and inventive. And I know I will love you, dear. You have a very nice body with a big lump where a big lump should be.’
Then she was gone, flitting amongst the other guests, taking time to speak quickly to a few. Paul looked at me wide-eyed. ’Wow! Is this for real? Do we really have two citizens of the world wanting to jump into bed with us?’

I sucked in breath, aware that I might have stopped breathing ,’And are they just about the most beautiful people you have ever seen outside people magazine?’
Paul said, ’I’m aware that they are the sort of people most other people would fall into bed with, yes.’He added quickly, ’ At least she is. You can make up your own mind about him’
We decided to go to our room. We were not up to one more shock like the two we had got already. Trouble is, a thing like that is not something a girl forgets quickly. The guy told his wife that he was going to fuck me in a couple days, so I gathered he believed he was. I remembered how Paul had tried to put him off, and could see that he might have taken it as a tryst. And his wife was so beautiful and she wanted to fuck Paul. I’m not insecure, but I wondered how this man could want me when he had that at his side.

We talked of this for quite some time in our room. We got to the point that the morrow would make this just a memory to laugh at, the scene couldn’t happen again in our lifetime. Then the door knocker sounded. We looked at each other with dread in our eyes. I wondered if we would be able to fend off a frontal attack by those two together. Tomorrow morning would find us raped by charm, charmed out of our virtue. But we had to respond, and it was only room service. He had a magnum of champagne in a bucket of ice. It was the best, the kind daddy had put on our table at the reception, and far better than we would have bought for ourselves. There was a card attached, BTW, my name is Noriko. Just that.
’What do we do with it?’ I asked, ’Does drinking it make it a contract? Should we send it back?’

Paul shook his head, ’Can’t do that. We don’t know what the norms are for these kind of people. And they already think they have a contract anyway. May I offer you a drink?’
As he lifted the towel draping the bottle, he uncovered two glassed nestled in the ice. They were etched, Sue and Paul, inside a heart, for goodness sakes. Noriko must have acted quickly, or she had people who jumped when she made a request. I don’t think Noriko would bark, she wouldn’t have to.

Anyway, we had a drink, and it was nectar. I love champagne, even not so good ones, and this was ambrosial A good part of the magnum had gone when we realized we had got a bit drunk. I love a champagne high. Its not drunk, really, just euphoric. I wanted to walk in the evening air and Paul was eager as well. We put on beach gear again, and wandered out to where moonlight met wavelet. We soaked up the romance for quite a while, loving the feeling, wishing we had brought the bottle with us. By magic it appeared from Paul’s little pack. He hadn’t brought the glasses, but he had a stack of little plastic tumblers, and we toasted the moon and all in her dominion. Then a band could be heard playing Straus. I love Straus, and so does Paul. We might be common as muck, but we had grown up dancing, and loved ballroom. At one time we even considered competing, but we had a real life already. and we were having more fun.

We floated to the terrace where some couples were dancing, suddenly aware we were not dressed properly, then said bugger it and stepped onto the floor.

It was heavenly, dancing under the stars in bare feet to a live ensemble playing our favourite music. We forgot how we might look as we circled the floor, and I could tell that glances our way were admiring, not disapproving. Another couple whirled by, both in white silk, dancing beautifully as well. Then a hand touched Paul’s shoulder, and I was dancing with Andre, and Paul was dancing with Noriko. Andre wasn’t a better dancer than Paul, but he was as good, and we must have cut quite a figure, him in his silk and me in my flowered wrap. Paul in his khaki clam diggers looked equally odd with the flowing gown of Noriko.

’I am so glad you are able to be so easy with your dress. We knew we would like you when you first came to the beach’, Andre was talking in my ear, and I was startled that I was thinking of him as Andre, not just that man. ’And we are doubly happy now that you will fuck with us. You are so lovely, your skin is so pure and smooth, your legs are so fine and strong, your breasts so firm and your nipples so brown and perky. Look, I’m getting hard just talking with you.’

I didn’t look. No way. But I looked at his face, at the little wrinkles around his eyes as he smiled back. I had to admit he was a turn on. His age he wore like a crown. ’Noriko is so beautiful. How do you let her be with another man? She is far prettier than me.’’

’Ah,’, said Andre, ’ I let other /men/men-fuck/">men fuck Noriko because it makes them happy and it makes her happy, and so makes me happy. Paul will make very /sweet/">sweet music with her, and we will watch, then you will make me very happy, and that is a good bonus for me, who is already happy. And,’ he added almost as an afterthought.’ I will make you happy too. You will see.’
The music had ended, and the new set didn’t appeal to either of us, so we strolled blowjob porn videos around the floor, holding hands, as we looked for Paul and Noriko. I thought it a bit incongruous that I be holding this man’s hand, but we were on the dance floor, and this was the form. If I were in a gown I could have taken his arm, but I was in a wrap.

We eventually found them off the patio. She was standing on a step and had her arms around Paul’s neck, and they were both smiling. As we watched she reached forward and kissed him, and his hands found her hips. I had stopped when I saw this, and didn’t resist when Andre turned me to face him. In my confusion I let him raise my chin and claim my lips, and they were so warm milf porn videos and soft and insistent that I was unable to keep from returning the kiss.

As we broke, Andre held me eye, and I couldn’t tear away, or didn’t want to, though I knew I should, ’We will make a beautiful fuck, won’t we?’
I heard my voice say, ’yes’ then my eyes closed as I realized what I had done. As I stood there in shock, Andre took my lips again. My lips reacted on their own. When you’re kissed , you kiss back, on the grounds the person you’re kissing is one you want to kiss. Simple reflex. I heard Noriko’s excited voice, ’Oh there they are now. Aren’t they a beautiful couple?’ and I thought of Paul’s reaction, and wondered after a all this time with Noriko he was capable of reaction. I was quite numb, myself.

Paul looked a bit bashful as he and the vision approached us, like he had something to say but no way of saying it.
Andre bailed him out. ’You have made us very happy tonight. What can we do to make this night the night we fuck? I am so hungry for little Sue.’
Paul looked at me in a panic, ’Well, ah, we, you see, how do you feel, Sue?’
I bit my finger in a look that I knew Paul loved, from a Hepburn character. ’I take it that’s a yes?’

He raised his eyebrows in question, his agony written on his face, and the relief flooded over it as I nodded. I loved Paul, but I knew when I was licked, and I knew he was too.
’You have made me very happy, and you and Noriko will make each other very happy, and that will make Andre and I very happy, even as we make each other happy. A friend told me that, once.’ I kissed Paul, then I turned and kissed Andre, the way I really kiss a man. We walked slowly to the foyer and rode the elevator to the top floor. I wasn’t surprised by the luxury they lived in. I would have been shocked at any less.