Horrible Gas for Tami to endure

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Horrible Gas for Tami to endure

Tami was in the elevator humming her favorite song. As she waited, another girl stepped inside. "Tami?" the girl said. "Wait, it's you Abby, isn't it?" Tami suddenly recognized Abby. She was a little bigger than Tami, but not really overweight. Her booty was slightly big in her booty shorts. Abby recognized Tami's unforgetful face, her slightly upturned nose and her long hair.

"Yeah, it's me!" Abby exclaimed, smiling. Suddenly they both heard a rumbling of the elevator and then they felt it stop. "Did this thing just get stuck!?" Abby asked. "No, it's just taking a little break!" Tami said very sarcastically. "Tami, I really don't need the sarcasm, I'm too busy worried about something else." Abby said. "Somebody let us out!" Abby yelled. "Nobody can hear you, genius." Tami said in a sharp and smart way.

"I know that, Tami!" "Well jeez, you don't have to be a /bitch/">bitch." Tami said. "Tami, I'll free porn movies download show you a bitch! I have to fart, and I was gonna hold it, but since you want to be obnoxious, I'll do it in here. And the gas will be trapped in here." Abby told Tami. Tami gave a disgusted look. "No, do not fart in here, do it outside!" Tami said. Tami, just like a lot of people couldn't stand farts.

Stink room-clearing ones made her gag and cough and they reeked. "Well, there ain't no telling when we'll be outta here. And i can stand my own farts so I'll be just fine. You deserve this anyway, for being so rude! Enjoy the funk bitch!" Abby told the frightened /girl/blonde-girl/">blonde girl. Abby full hd xvideo download turned her ass towards Tami and let go a big PRRRRRRRRR. As soon as the smell hit Tami, she held her nose very tightly.

"God! It smells like shit in here now!" Tami said. Abby removed her hands away from her nose and held them strong. "Stop! It STINKS so badd!" Tami said through coughs. Her pale face turned a bit red, and her nose couldn't stand the stench. Abby pulled her booty shorts down and shook her panty ass, then farted again! She took Tami to the ground and sat on her face.

Tami let out muffled screams but Abby just gave her a rumbling shart that landed right on her nose. This one was PURE STINKY AND SMELLED LIKE PURE ASS. Tami was forced to smell every last bit as she thrashed under Abby. "Stop struggling. Just smell, inhale my gas. You were annoying in middle school, and I should've gave you this in high school.

But instead I decided to gas Lauren a few times in the bathroom. There's nowhere for you to go!" Abby rubbed her ass all in Tami's face as she pulled the panties off. "No" Tami screamed. Abby separated her buttcheeks over Tami's nose and let out the most raunchiest, juiciest and stinkiest fart and sighed. RRRRERPPPPPPTTTTPPPT!

Tami's nostrils inhaled it, and she passed out. Abby just sat patiently, waiting for her to wake up so she could continue. Next on her list: Find Reha.