Forbidden love

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Forbidden love

One summer Saturday morning, I woke up to the bright sun in my eyes and started my usual morning ritual. (brush my teeth, hair, shower, and get dressed.) When I finished, I sat on my bed and watched tv. I was in the middle of my favorite show when my cell rang. It was my boyfriend. "hey babe, you wanna come over to hang out today?" he said. "id love to" i replied and /hung/">hung up but because i didnt have a car, i had no way of getting there. Then i remembered that my friend just got her car and i knew she would drive me. I called her up and had a ride in no time. She picked me up and we drove to his house.

When i got there, i called him and he came outside to meet me. I gave him a huge hug and a kiss. It was gentle at first but then, something about him just made me soo hot. We kissed harder and deeper and it was gettin a little heated. I pulled away in my innocence and we went inside.

For a while, we just sat on the living room couch and watched tv together. He held me tight in his arms just as i like. He started to kiss my neck softly and moved down to my chest. Being a virgin, this made me nervous and I wasnt sure what to do. We moved from the sitting up position to lay down. He was on top of me and in control. He started to kiss lower on my chest and he slipped his hands under my shirt. "Do you want me to stop babe?" he asked. "NO, dont stop" i said "keep going." I told him i wanted to go upstairs to his room. He got off of me and helped me up. We walked up the stairs and into his bedroom.

When we got in, he shut the door and pushed me up against it. He tore of my shirt and began to feel my boobs. His kissed and curressed my bust with his tounge. I got a tingly feeling down there and wanted more. I closed my eyes as he unhooked my bra and began to suck my nipples. It felt so good! He pulled me from the door and shoved my down onto his bed. His aggressiveness turned me on. He took off his shirt and belt and layed ontop of me. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked me and i sat and thought for a second. "Yes, I do. Keep going" i told him and he did as i said. He unbuttoned my pants and slid his hand down between my jeans and my panties. He pulled my pants off and then my panties. I was fully naked. He used his fingertips to gently massage the lips of my pussy. He rubbed my clit and slowly pushed 2 of his fingers inside me. i began to breathe harded and harder as he fingered me. Then, he pushed another finger inside me. He moved his fingers in and out slow at first, then faster and faster. I moaned in plessure and arched my back. he smiled and withdrew his fingers. He stood up and took his pants off. I could see his bulge. When he pulled off his boxers, i could see how hard his dick was. He came over to me rubbing his cock. I sat up on the bed and layed him down. "You know what to do?" he asked. "Yeah" I said with a smile. I had done this before. I began to lick the head of his dick and i took his shaft into my hand. I felt his hands in my hair, on the back of my head. I put his cock further in my mouth, sucking it harder, faster. He moaned and forced his dick further into my mouth.

As it reached my throat i started to gag. I moved back in forth from his head to his balls for a while. Then he whispered to me, "get up" and i did. He rolled me over and spread my legs. He teased me and softly rubbed his dickhead on my clit. "You ready?" he asked. "yes" i said and he slowly penetrated me moving as gently as he could. It hurt at first. I flinched in pain and a tear rolled down my cheek. He wiped it off and kissed my softly. At that moment i felt safe and he continued. He pumped his dick slowly in and out of my pussy. He got faster and faster. I moaned and arched my back. The pain gradually dissapeared and soon it felt so good. I was screaming and moaning and he was enjoying breaking me in. No longer was he taking his time and moving slow. It got wild. He was thrusting his hips and pumping so hard, so fast, so rough. The plessure was to much. I climaxed right there under him, my body wiggling all around uncontrollably. It was the best thing i had ever felt. He pulled out and instantly came all over my stomach. The warm gooey /semen/">semen felt so good on me. I grabbed his dick and massages the head with my fingers until it completely lost its hardness. He got up off the bed and pulled me up with him. We kissed deeply and touched for a little bit, then we got in the shower together.

When we got in, he washed his semen off of my belly with the steamy warm water. We washed eachother bare handed, touching eachother everywhere. His dick suddenly got hard again. he shoved me against the shower wall and forced his dick in me again. I shrieked in /surprise/">surprise and plessure. We fucked again. This time was better than before. The steam and hot water from the shower made it soo much more sexy. He fucked the shit out of me until we simutaneously orgasmed together and he pulled out. He exploded, his semen went down the drain with the water. I got out of the shower as he turned off the water. We dried off and went into his bedroom. We got dressed and went back downstairs to the living room. "That was pretty good for your /first-time/">first time" he xxx said with a smile "did u enjoy it?" "Yes" i replied "i loved it, im so glad we porn videos download did it." He kissed me on the cheek just as my cell phone rang. it was my friend coming to pick me up. "wow, just in time" i said and my boyfriend walked me to her car. We kissed one last time and i got in the car. My friend drove away as i looked back at him in the rear view mirrior smiling. I had lost my virginity and i was very happy about it. "What are you smiling about?" my friend asked. and on the way home, i told her everything. She was amazed and impressed and when i got home i smiled, said thanx and went in the house. My /mom/">mom was home. "where were u sweety, I called." .... "ugh OH i was at the movies with my /mom/friend-mom/">friend mom" i said and went to my room. Sex was now one of my favorite things.