Black Balled

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Black Balled

Just a week before, I had received my /ass/ass-fucking/first-ass-fucking/">first ass fucking from a man. I was so lucky to have the first penis I ever touched to be so erotic and enormous. He was black, bald and huge. My body turned to putty as his perfectly smooth penis spoiled me into a size queen brat.

I wanted to conquer more giant, black cocks like my first. I booked a singles xxx sex video download free com cruise to the Caribbean..........alone. Most of the trip at sea I gambled and drank, mostly keeping to myself yet eyeballing EVERY tall, black stud on the ship.

They had no idea.........they were there to get some ass and most were in groups. The first night on the island, a group of us went out on a planned trip known as the "Rendezvous". There were several resorts in the area and each would send a boat of all guys (or girls) to a specific island. There you would meet, undress and get laid.

I waited until almost the last trip when I noticed that there were about 25 guys on the boat and 23 were black. I had secretly sucked off the boat driver just minutes earlier so he would cooperate with me. I paid him to make the 2 non-blacks to go elsewhere and also to take us to a different where no one else would BE!

Part two of the devious plan was to pay the bartenders to juice up the drinks with something a bit more........lets say one part euphoric and one part "V". By the time we were halfway there I could see that every guy on the boat was drunk and EXTREMELY horny and aggressive. All they talked about was how they were going to fuck the hell out of these na?ve girls. I was just hoping a fight didnt break out before I could achieve my goal.

We finally arrived at "LA ISLA LARGO" and they rolled off like an amphibious assault. When all the horny, willing studs (most of them black) got to the center of the small island, they were outraged that there were no girls to meet them. Not even a taxi.

Drunk, pumped up and extremely horny, they gyrated in place and demanded that the captain "find girls or take them back." Just then the engine smoked and shut down (that was the cheapest of my tricks).

Everyone except me was totally bummed and outraged. Yet.........I could see them squirm and touch themselves uncontrollably as the pleasure kicked in. Finally, I heard one guy scream "Somebodys getting fucked on this island, whos first?". I calmly restored order and volunteered myself. Most were appalled and wanted to fight........but this guy was so pumped up that he just took me to himself and I knew the others would join in. I put on such a show............playing the poor, weak man about to get violated. "We are stranded and horny", I yelled. "No one but us will ever know what happened here!" "We barely know each others names and most of us will never see one another again". "I suggest you follow the lead here".

Most sexxxx video ful hd already had their large poles in hand and were jerking off uncontrollably. Knowing they couldnt fuck their own friends and still face the world...............they LINED UP one by one for my personal /casting/">casting call.

I peered at an endless line of giant black looked like a half mile of bobbing, hard poles. I knew my ass would feel like I got fucked by a train! I had the Captain yell "I am the only one who knows where we are...........if you want to get back, do exactly what this man says". I had my perfect poker hand. My anticipation grew and my thirst for the big black cock gushed out in my actions.

I grabbed the first black pole in line and began sucking it wildly.................I sucked and sucked and stroked his long pole in my hand..............the captain would keep them coming in the exact order I wanted. When I had sucked him good and hard, I motioned him around the back to my ass and he quickly plunged his 9" cock up my ass as I gasped and cried in temporary pain. I was going to get BLACK BALLED by two dozen men! He started fucking my ass, stroking his /sweet/">sweet black pole in and out and groaning loudly as the serum kicked in hard.

I motioned the next guy in line to move forward to my mouth. I began sucking him just as fast and good as the first guy. His cock was very big too. Different but big. It was veiny and very bulbous, like a tick about to be popped. I sucked on the length and cherished it as it opened up my throat for more pleasure. The guy behind me was fucking me wildly and so hard. His long black cock had me sending "oohs" and "aahs" with every stroke as I tried to breathe with the other giant cock in my mouth.

Suddenly the guy fucking my ass had to cum and I immediately made them switch ends...........I wanted every drop of /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth! He wheeled around front and let forth a gushing stream of white cum in my mouth and on my tongue......I was sure to stroke him and swallow as much cock as I could. He rammed my head onto his member as I tried to keep up. I barely sucked the last drop when I realized that the other guy was 10" deep in my ass! Drugged and still horny he fucked me very hard and very firmly.........grabbing my hips and pushing his between my asscheeks.

I became aware that the rest of the guys were watching and anticipating their turn............they saw the pattern..............guy#3 would put his penis in my mouth only to pull out and /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass while guy#2 would swing back around and cum in my throat. Once done, guy#4 would get sucked and when guy#3 was ready they would switch.

This fucking went on for FIVE hours! I got fucked so hard and so long by so many black poles that I became a constant, moaning /whore/">whore. I had my pink, tiny hole fucked by so many hot black dicks that day...............some were uncut (I loved sucking and tonguing the inside skin on those!), some were rock hard with little foreskin (great for penetration), some were smooth and bald (so sexy and fun to lick), but most of all I remember how big each and every one was.

Cock after cock was just a pleasure to suck off and it seemed each on got bigger and bigger! I can remember the joy of sucking off one guy who was 14" and as juicy as a liter...............just knowing that minutes later he would be all the way up my ass! I got my /asshole/">asshole reamed out over and over again and begged them to not /ass/ass-cum/cum-in-my-ass/">cum in my ass.........but rather in my mouth. The taste of the delicious and sweet black cock on my tongue made me squirm the whole time.....................cum dripping from my lips as I sucked off each and every one of them! It turned out that not one missed a turn! They were so muscular and huge...............some fucked me from up high and some stomach to back. In any case, my sphincter, colon and prostate were WORN OUT!

At sunrise, I saved the biggest cock for last. When he pulled out I stretched forward and I told him (youre the lucky one!). I let him cum up my ass and found out later that he was not the widest but was 16" long! I was so proud to have him up my asshole all the way that it still makes me orgasm hard to this day. As we arrived back at port that day, no one said a word. Everyone at port thought they were looking at well-/hung/">hung and well-fucked (by girls) black men. I reveled in the pain of walking and the sore throat I had. I taught them a new lesson and planned my next venture. We went back to our hotels and I slipped out on the next flight to might have seen me at the airport.