Girlfriends 33

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Girlfriends 33

I went to my girlfriend?s house to just hang out. Susan and I had met through a mutual friend a few ears ago. Her husband was out of town and mine was working late. After arriving at her house we chatted a little bit over a couple glasses of wine and a little bit to eat. We wound up in her and her husbands room and I flopped on the bed. I watched as she folded laundry and she started going through some of her clothes. During this I made a passing comment on a sexy little G string teddy that was in her collection. I guess I was kind of tired, or it could have been the bottle of wine we drank but at some point I fell asleep.

I woke up unsure of what time it was, the lights were off and it was dark outside. The only light in the room came from the hallway. I was very aware of Susan behind me; I could feel her arm on my hip and her body against mine. I felt Susan?s breath on the side of my neck. It felt good and stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv I wasn?t sure what she was up too. Her hand flattened on my outer thigh, then slid up to my hip. My breathing started to become heavy, my nipples hardened. I closed my eyes as Susan?s hand moved to my belly and without giving it any thought I pushed my hips back into her just a little. Her hand was now sitting on the outside of my jeans, right over the zipper. I moaned a little hoping to encourage her letting her know I wanted this to happen, all this had my /wet/pussy-wet/">pussy wet and wanting more. I had no idea Susan was into woman, I for sure I had no idea she wanted me. I waited for her hand white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie to move lower but it didn?t. I could feel her warm breath was now erratic. I wondered if she was trying to get up the courage to go further. I reached for her hand and took it in mine.

As I rolled a little towards her, my knees parted and I guided her hand between my legs. I kissed her lightly, using my hand to move hers, to rub my pussy. Her mouth opened and my tongue entered her mouth. As our tongues swirled her fingers dug at the denim covering my crotch. I rolled flat on my back and started kissing Susan?s neck; it was then that I discovered she was wearing that little teddy. Her nipples strained through the purple fishnet material that covered them. Her fingers found the button of my pants; with a tug it was undone. I love the feeling of someone unzipping my pants. Anyway, Susan started pulling my jeans down; I helped by lifting my butt off the bed. As she pulled my pants passed my /feet/">feet I took in her almost naked body. Her light brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Her full c breasts swayed as she yanked my feet free. The G string back on the teddy split the round cheeks of her ass perfectly. I sat up long enough to pull my t shirt over my head. As soon as my bra came off I lied back down and her lips closed on my hard left nipple. Susan?s mouth moved down and soon she was kissing the top of my lacy white /thong/">thong. I hooked its side and exposed my shaved vagina to her. I felt her tongue part my outer lips and dip inside, I spread my legs wider to give her total access to me. Her ass was up in the air by my head and I slid my hand between her legs and up to her pussy, I could feel the wet heat from her pussy.

The G string crotch did little to stop my finger from penetrating her. I could hear her moan as I pushed it in as deep as I could. I thrust a seconded finger inside her as she zeroed in on my clit, sucking it into her mouth. I pulled Susan?s leg over my head and now her pussy was directly over my face. It was the /first-time/">first time I got a good look at her crotch, the first time I saw the little tuft of dark hair close to her clit. I pulled her hips lower to my mouth and soon I tasted her, /sweet/">sweet and musky. I flicked her hard little clit and she gently started humping my face. As I licked her moaning became louder. I squeezed her hips to encourage her. I pushed my tongue inside her; her pussy juice flowed onto my skin. Susan sat up and now her hips were grinding into my face. I found her clit and sucked it. Now Susan encouraged me ?Oh baby that?s it, suck it, suck my clit?. I did as I was told. Susan tensed and screamed as she came. Her pussy gushed fluid and I swallowed all I could. I could feel it on my cheeks and forehead. Susan?s body shook as a seconded orgasm followed the first.

She pivoted and kissed me, licking her own cum from my forehead. As she moved down my body I found myself pushing her I wanted her to make me cum. Susan removed my thong and dove on me. A finger entered my body, and moaned loudly. She sucked my clit and I told her to bite it. Susan raked her teeth over it and I took the back of her head. A seconded finger entered me, ?fuck yes, MORE? I begged. A third finger was added; oh it felt so fuckin good. My pussy made lewd sounds as she worked her fingers in and out of me. I started to pinch and pull my own nipples as her mouth worked my clit. Looking down I made eye contact with her, I loved seeing her beautiful face between my legs. I threw my head back, lost in the sensations she was giving me. I am not sure when she added a fourth finger but it felt amazing and I was so close to getting off.

No longer licking me she concentrated on fucking me with her fingers. I reached down trying to pull more of her hand into me. I held my breath as her thumb squeezed passed my lips. Susan?s hand sank into my cunt; I was silent, unable to make any noise as I was filled completely. She slowly pumped in and out and finally I screamed ?Oh my god, fuck me baby?. Before long her wrist was in me and I pleaded ?faster?. Susan?s fist was tearing me apart, I loved it and I moved my hips, forcing all I could into me. The pace became furious and I was now just screaming. I came so hard I saw bright lights even though my eyes were closed. Susan removed her fist and licked the length of my cunt. We kissed once more as I quivered and shook from the powerful orgasm.

Susan had never told me she had been with /women/">women. But by the way we fucked there was no doubt in my mind that she had been. We told one another how wonderful it had been, and if I had anything to do with it wouldn?t be the only time it happened. I dressed and headed home with a big smile on my face. I knew what I would get as I told my hubby what I had been up to.